Users Guide

April 12, 2018 admin

  • 1. To begin accepting video calls:
    Simply visit on your computer or smartphone and click on the
    LOGIN button….type in your email address & password, then click on Log In.

    2.Once logged in you will see this welcome screen. To begin accepting calls, click on GO LIVE FOR SUPPORT. Once you do, you will see the AWAITING CALL message on your screen:
    To stop accepting calls, click on GO OFFLINE. Once you do, you will again see the welcome screen above.

    3. When someone is calling, you will get the following:

    – An audible ringtone or, in the case of Chrome for mobile, a chime.
    – A text notification (provided you’ve accepted to allow notifications).
    – An ANSWER CALL button.

    To accept a call, simply click on the ANSWER CALL button.

    The first time you accept a call, you will receive a prompt by your browser as outlined in step 4 on the next page.